Step inside the new United Arrows green label relaxing in Yokohama and you may find something surprising.

A division of clothing giant United Arrows, green label relaxing offers a mix of casual menswear, outerwear, suiting, and accessories curated to a smaller footprint.

I was immediately drawn to printed button-down shirts that the employee pointed out featured prints by Liberty London. In another section a small range of vests and flannels looked perfect for fall. In an intimate back section was a full range of suiting options. The store seemed to have bit of everything, but everything begged to be examined.

It was there that I found a bag that I wanted but had never seen produced. It was a simple leather belt bag that was small, unstructured, and unbranded. A navy and camel color were left on the rack. I tried the camel version and it worked. While I continued to browse, the employee came back to check on me and asked if everything was OK. I smiled and said it was.

After checkout, the same employee noticed a Dragon Quest Slime charm hanging on my nylon tote. He asked, “Do you like Dragon Quest?” I replied, “Yes! My friend bought this for me.” I thanked him, left the store, and had a high-end retail experience at mid-level prices.

United Arrows green label relaxing
Yubinbango220-0012 Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture Minato Mirai, Nishi Chome No. 5 No. 1