Paris, France may be known for staples like croissants and macaroons, but it is a city of great pub food in unexpected places.

Ferdi, located just one street away from the famed shopping street Rue Saint-Honoré, is an intimate gourmet bar with an range of hearty plates, including macaroni and cheese, shrimp tempura, and even curry chicken on rice.

The bar, however, is best known for Le Mac Ferdi, or its cheeseburger. Le Mac Ferdi can be eaten as is or outfitted with an added egg or bacon. The soft sesame seed bun, quality hamburger meat, and light melted cheese is legit, even against American burger standards, which is no easy feat.

For dessert, diners can end the night with fresh churros and chocolate sauce. It’s a combination that’s good enough for Kim Kardashian to take a flight to Paris for, and definitely worth a reservation.

Ferdi is open for lunch Saturdays and open evenings. Reservations recommended.

32 rue du Mont Thabor
75001 Paris